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Welcome to Bihari Bhai

Welcome to the native world of our origin at Biharibhai.Com

We at serves the people from Bihar all across the world in a way to pay tribute to our great past, to our history, to our tradition, to our motherland BIHAR.

At Biharibhai, we are working to create a sense of pride in our Bihari identity to every person who belongs to it. We also understand as it can only be achieved by creating a greater sense of security and bonding within the group irrespective of where we are. is the idea behind it. lets get-together, letís talk, lets aware of your motherland.

We at are committed to take our great community to greater heights of the time and making it the mirror of our commendable traditions.

Bihar, the ancient land of Buddha, has witnessed golden period of Indian history.In Bihar,Nalanda is the world's higher learning education,Nalanda university was established during the Gupta period till the middle ages, when the muslim invaders burned it down.For more detail click here

Bihar Darshan & photo gallery

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